Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It has been too long since I updated the blog.

In early October I created, in record time, a somewhat Euro-like game aimed at lasting an hour, about the Italiam maritime republics. Within three weeks I had a full set of rules written (not my normal process). I actually only played it once solitaire, also not my normal process. Since then I've been tweaking and sometimes making substantical changes to the rules, through several playtests. I've now posted information about it to the Web page. I finally settled on the title Seas of Gold (tm), though for a while I wanted to use an Italian word. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good one, and the translation of Seas of Gold isn't very exciting.

An offshoot of this game will be "Seas of Promise" (or whatever I decide to call it) about European discovery/exploitation worldwide.


I've been pursuing correspondence with old buddies like Alan Paull, and have "activated" my playtesting yahoo group for Britannia II.

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