Saturday, April 02, 2005

I have the signed contract from FFG for Brit II, and will be sending the rules off any day now.

I've been spending more time on "Mega-Brit" than I should, and may even play a game fairly soon. Anotehr game to be pulled out of the "fallow" pile recently is The Two World Wars. I've also found a way to put a flagstone background on the Enchanted Labyrinth map, very neat. Thank you CorelDraw.

I stumbled across some blog comments on Why has the Gaming Hobby Changed? , which is posted on my web site. This article has generated a strong response. I received several e-mails telling me how accurate it seemed to be. On the other hand, the bloggers vituperatively trashed it, though they did not have the courtesy to let me know they were doing so. Where I come from, if you want to arrive at the truth, you discuss something with the source of your disagreement; shooting your mouth off where the target won't even know about it is a form of cowardice. I have learned that the contents of blogs varies greatly in quality, so I'm not purusing the matter. The article will be revised, and then I'll submit it to a magazine.

I don't think the bloggers read Are Video Games Turning Us Into a Nation of Losers. They'd really hit the ceiling . . .


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