Saturday, August 11, 2007

Brit-like prototypes

At WBC I wasn't able to get other people to playtest games, partly because I had to leave Friday afternoon just as more people were showing up, partly because of an inconvenient Britannia tournament schedule, partly because a couple of my most frequent testers did not come this year.

I did play a "new" game, Normannia: the Viking Age in the West, three times, and I'm continuing to play it. I am pretty enthusiastic about it, a "Euroized" Brit that is working well and seems to have some balance.

I've posted an account of a game of Barbaria (formerly Dark Ages), EPIC version, that I played just before WBC.

I hope that I can get Normannia and Arthuria to a point of sending out to playtest soon, but this depends partly on how many playtesters I can find at my new school (where I'll be teaching four sections of (digital) game design).

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