Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing with word clouds

(I posted this May 12, but Blogger had a big hiccup and apparently lost it (Blogger was down for many hours).

I used Wordle ( to create a word cloud of aspects of games. In the word cloud, words are in a larger font as they are more numerous or more important. The list I used was:

Playtesting: 100
Ideas: 15
Conception: 10
Framework: 10
Prototype: 30
Feedback: 25
Modification: 15
Iteration: 15
Incremental: 15
Creativity: 15
Communication: 20
Get~it~Done!: 20
Trial-and-error: 5

I think that if you click on the small picture, you'll see a larger version.

Originally I used a list that included characteristics of the designer, but I decided to separate those to a different cloud.

Experience: 75
Critical~Thinking: 25
Self~Criticism: 15
Formal~Education: 15
Willingness~to~Learn: 50

I'll have to think about the weights I've given to the various characteristics, and see if I can find more worth including.

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