Sunday, May 08, 2005

The end of a not-very-good semester has kept me very busy, but I have had time to play "MegaBrit" twice, and am about to play a new game, "Viking Gold" (tm), which is a Viking version of Seas of Gold, more or less. I seem to be a phase of fascination with the Vikings, and have started designing a Brit-like Viking game, as well, 793-1093 or thereabouts, covering Britain, Ireland, and northern France and Germany (as does Viking Gold).

I did get to have Germania, Gangsters, and Seas of Gold (all (tm)) at Game Day in late April at NCState. I think Seas of Gold is about 95% done, the others 99%.

I have not heard a word from FFG since sending them the Brit 2 rules more than a month ago. They're hiring four new people and are evidently very busy with expansion.

I intend to go to Origins and World Boardgaming Championships this summer.

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