Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Last June, while on Jersey Island off the coast of France, I set myself the task of designing a card game, just to say I could do it. (I don't play card games, generally.) Gangsters: Taking Care of Business (TM) was one result, and a bird-watching game that I haven't yet developed.

Since the I've come up with a couple more ideas, but nothing beyond that.

Recently I decided to try designing "Britannia: The Card Game" (tm), and found that it worked so well (and came together so quickly) that I went on to design several more based on my boardgames Germania, Enchanted Labyrinth, and Seas of Gold (all tm). It's amazing how quickly the game comes together when you already have much of it designed via the boardgame. Of course, there are more limitations with a card game (and I try to design games that only use cards, nothing else); but limitations can actually help make a design better, not worse, as you concentrate on what's important.

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