Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm not much of a blogger, as I haven't updated this one in months.

I try to come up with a new game about every month. In August it was a Scottish version of Britannia, Caledonia (TM), which I've played five times solo. It feels a lot like Brit, though smaller. I don't seem to have many prospects of getting it playtested FTF hereabouts, so I may try to get a game or two going by e-mail.

In September it was... a Welsh version of Brit. I'm much less advanced on this, don't have an electronic version of the board. I am reading John Davies' History of Wales to get more information. My present dilemma is whether to include "west Wales" (Cornwall and Devon) or not. I do seem to have a good set of sides, if I include west Wales.

This month it is a "block game" version of the Viking attacks on Frankia. But without dice, using the Germania battle card system instead. As with most other games of this type, it is for two players only, not my habit nowadays. Making a map is the next step.

Britannia Second Edition has "gone to the printers". As the printers are in China, AFAIK, it will be at least two months before the games get to the US.

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