Thursday, May 31, 2018

Recent Screencasts videos) May 2018

Recent screencasts May 2018 (previous list is at, Nov ’17)
I rarely get around to posting individual links to my "Game Design" YouTube channel here, so I decided to list the most recent screencasts instead. Because there are so many (25) I’m not including the descriptions.
‏Confusions of Game Design: Context is not Modeling: 
Dice: when to use them in a design, when not to: 
Part 2: 10 "Need to Knows" about RPG design: 
 Pt 1, 10 "Need to Knows" about Role-Playing Game design: 
How important are formal game reviews, part 2: 
‏How important are formal game reviews, part 1: 
Must games be fair?: 
‏The Need for Imagination in Game Play - and Other Entertainment: 
‏CCG, TCG, LCG, Expandable Card Game - what are differences?: 
10 "Need to Knows" about History: 
Sunk Cost Fallacy can "Sink" Game Developers: 
‏Is there an ideal level of chance randomness in games? Of course not: 
‏Nine "Need to Knows" about (Strategic) Wargame Design: 
RPGs: Meaningless Quests vs Missions that Matter: 
Six reasons why wargames have plummeted in popularity: 
Conspiracy theories are nonsense, part 2: 
Conspiracy Theories are Nonsense, part 1: 
Nuts & Bolts: The Worker Placement Mechanism: 
Gaming and the gambling instinct: 
Violence in Games, part 2: 
Violence in Games, Part 1: 
Crashing Suns Design Notes: 
Nut & Bolts: Dead Cards and Losing a Turn: 
"Hasting 1066" Game Design Notes: 
What part of play, is games?: 

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