Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sue and I finished a five-player Germania(tm) playtest, minor changes. If I'm lucky I'll be playtesting with other folks Monday and Tuesday.

I finished the CorelDraw files for the smaller version of the Dark Ages(tm) game. I've not had any luck in finding a way for a browser or Acrobat to print the map full size; CorelDraw can do it, but how many people have CorelDraw?

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Peter Riedlberger (Germany) sent me the URL for an interesting essay on the faults of Risk-like games:
Peter is a big fan of Britannia, so how could he be wrong?

I have pointed to the same site as Pulsipher.Net, for the time being.

I found a source for History of the World army pieces (SVGames, online), so that I can use them for playtesting Germania(tm) at conventions.

I intend to be at PrezCon in Charlottesville on the last weekend of February. I will not be playing in any tournaments, of course (I never have, at conventions). I expect to have Germania(tm) prototypes, and perhaps something else.

Friday, January 09, 2004

This week precedes the start of classes, and my in-laws are still here, so I've not been able to work on games other than the computer version of the Dark Ages (tm) board.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Coreldraw (which I'm using to trace/draw maps) threw me a curve: I have a shoreline that goes around much of Europe, and it won't print, though all the other lines do. So I decided to break it into smaller lines, but I get the error message that it's too large to break (over 64K). I guess I'll have to copy it and then erase parts of it, to come up with a set up lines that might individually be small enough to print.

I've played the third test of "Fighting Suns" (tm); I'm using a Risk-like setup instead of starting each player from one "home planet", and this seems to work much better.