Thursday, October 27, 2005

Reading the Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings, I find myself diverted to the Brit-like version of Viking history. At the same time the Ken Harl lectures on the Vikings have caused me to sketch out another game, about the Rus (Vikings in Russia), not at all Brit-like, more a cross between Germania and Seas of Gold. When I'll get to making a map is another question. I won't have any time this weekend for anything other than the Caledonia PBEM test.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I've been working on the Franks map some more, while listening to Ken Harl's Viking tapes. Otherwise, I'm doing little bits on lots of different games, unfortunately don't seem to be interested in writing rules.

I've assigned initiative values to the Event Cards in Seas of Gold, so that they can be played "simultaneously", just as the Action Cards.

I looked into "Ed2Go" today to consider doing an online "How to Design Games" course. They are happy to tell you that it will require 120 single-spaced pages, and 10 hours a week, but NOT how much you'll be paid (depending muchly on how many people are in the course, I'm sure).

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Recnetly I've written some of the rules for "Law & Chaos" (tm), and printed bigger maps for "Franks & Vikes". Thanks to a suggestion from Rick Heli that I try a diplomatic game, I've come up with something (for now titled "Furst Bismarck") that shows the diplomatic conflict in the years before World War I, and dug up a map for it. The game ends when war begins, with points determining the winner. Much of it is based on "control of neutrals" rules from old Diplomacy variants I've designed, melded with some kind of Action Card system as in "Seas of Gold" (tm) and so forth.

I've been reading a lot on Consimworld and Boardgamegeek, looking at ways to find playtesters and to publicize Sweep of History Games Magazine and the second edition of Brit.

But I still feel as though I'm not PLAYING anything.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I've been trying to get in touch with designers of Brit-like and "Sweep of history" games in connection with the magazine, a task that Rick Heli has been very helpful in. Haven't had much luck getting playtesters at the college to play these days, though we did get in one game of "Law & Chaos" (or whatever I'm going to call it). I'm not sure how the game will work out in the end, but it certainly is different.

I do feel as though I haven't played anything lately, certainly not solo (but for one game of Law & Chaos). Next week is fall break, maybe something will happen then.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I've been spending the little free time I have on "Sweep of History" magazine, hearing from Andreas Stedding (Hispania) and Randy Moorehead (Rus). It is always difficult to persuade people to contribute, we'll see what happens.

Otherwise I have only worked on the elecontronic version of the "Franks & Fury" board. Also received today the Teaching Company's tapes on The Vikings by Ken Harl, which shoudl be interesting (and, as I have four Viking games going, should be useful as well).

Monday, October 10, 2005

I have revised Caledonia slightly and am now looking for PBEM playtesters.

Britannia is listed on FFG's Web site for December release, $39.95.

As I'm a Robert Jordan fan, games will take a back seeat to the new Wheel of Time book for a while...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm going to experiment with using this blog for what blogs originally were--Web diaries (web log).

The past few days I've finished the electronic version of the Welsh game map (following a grease-pencil version I worked out), and started on the electronic version for the Frankia block game. Revised Caledonia slightly in light of "Before Scotland" book. Revised several other games slightly.

And yesterday I came up, out of nowhere, with an interesting if abstract game (originally to use glass beads, which are so attractive as pieces) that also uses cards, which I'll call Law & Chaos (or Order & Chaos) for now. I think it must be the first time I started a game and played it the same day. I believe it will accommodate up to four players, only tried it with two.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm not much of a blogger, as I haven't updated this one in months.

I try to come up with a new game about every month. In August it was a Scottish version of Britannia, Caledonia (TM), which I've played five times solo. It feels a lot like Brit, though smaller. I don't seem to have many prospects of getting it playtested FTF hereabouts, so I may try to get a game or two going by e-mail.

In September it was... a Welsh version of Brit. I'm much less advanced on this, don't have an electronic version of the board. I am reading John Davies' History of Wales to get more information. My present dilemma is whether to include "west Wales" (Cornwall and Devon) or not. I do seem to have a good set of sides, if I include west Wales.

This month it is a "block game" version of the Viking attacks on Frankia. But without dice, using the Germania battle card system instead. As with most other games of this type, it is for two players only, not my habit nowadays. Making a map is the next step.

Britannia Second Edition has "gone to the printers". As the printers are in China, AFAIK, it will be at least two months before the games get to the US.