Sunday, January 30, 2005

Although I was suffering from a stomach virus--I seem to be sick when I attend winter gamefests--I went to NC Game Day VI at NC State's Central Campus this Saturday. The turnout was low, I was told, undoubtedly in part because of threatening weather (mention ice on the roads and southerners freeze up), in part because there was no announcement in the Raleigh paper. I'd suppose there were about 50 people, mostly playing RPGs, some Euro boardgames, one Heroclix game, no wargames. I did get a lead to triangle_strat_gaming on Yahoo Groups, and gave a few people my card; if not for an early ending (when the organizers packed up, I decided I'd better head home) I might have gotten in a game of Gangsters or Germania.

Latest projects (aside from two player training versions of Brit): Brit-like History of Central Asia (tm), which could have a lot of different titles, and some notes about a Diplomacy variant version of Lord of the Rings.

Lew Pulsipher