Monday, August 28, 2023

Recently in my (free) "Game Design" YouTube channel:

 Align the way to succeed with the "fun" way to play in a game design  3:02
    Some players will do whatever it takes to succeed in a game, even if it's "no fun". Winning is more important than fun, to some. Help these folks out by insuring that the "fun" way to play leads to success in the game.

Puzzles are not necessarily abstract (or short).  3:16
    Puzzles are not necessarily abstract, or short, but the circumstances that encourage puzzles (no hidden information, no randomness) tend to be associated with abstract, or short, "games".

"Games are about people" does not equate with games of negotiation.     4:47
    Two major ways of looking at games, "Games are about people," OR "Games are all math." But people-games are not the same as games of negotiation.

"Inventions" that make life easier in games, part 1      8:32
    Thinking about inventions that make life easier in general (such as air conditioning in the South USA), I made a list of inventions that have made game design easier. Part 1 is about tabletop games, part 2 about video games.

Inventions that make life easier in games, part 2 - video games     5:25
    More about "inventions" - techniques, mechanisms - that have made game design easier. Video games this time, part 1 was about tabletop games.