Tuesday, June 15, 2004

While I was in Europe visiting relatives, my nephew and niece aged 15 and 12 played the two games I took along (Princes (TM) and Germania (TM). Katie, not a game player ordinarily, understood the tactical but not so much the strategic aspects of Princes. Nonethless, when I was otherwise occupied she taught her 11 year old cousin to play, and they appeared to be playing correctly when Beatrice "got bored" (meaning she was losing and didn't like it, in this case). Simon's cousin also played Germania, and tried Princes once. It was interesting to see that younger folks can cope with the games.

I also "designed" a couple cards-only games there, one about gangsters, one about bird-watching (my wife is a birdwatcher). We'll see if they amount to anything.

Am now preparing for Origins.