Sunday, February 20, 2005

I am so busy, and need to work directly on Brit II, that I've decided not to go to PrezCon next weekend (which also saves quite a bit of money). I could not have made it until late Friday because of classes, and as the tournament will be old Brit, it would be of limited use to me.

I need to use people closer to home (Triangle, Chapel Hill) for playtesting on a more regular basis.

I've found that my Web traffic went up greatly in January, evidently owing to a link to my article about changes in gaming; it's gone back down some in February.

One of my old (but revised) articles has appeared in The Games Journal for Feb.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

We are working on the contract for Brit Second edition now. And I am still working on the revisions to the game, though I am at the point that my main worry is play balance.

I have not actually played many games this yar, nor devised new ones. Between Brit, school, and less than 100% health, I sometimes feel that I'm not getting very far.

My Web stats show over 500 hits per day, average, on my Web site now, and I find that hard to believe unless many of the hits are "bots" of one sort or another.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Having been somewhat under the weather for the past week, I haven't been making great progress. I did get a new historical atlas that is helping with History of Central Asia. Also today, for some reason, I dug out "Currents of Space", an old chess-like game that was one of my "favorite four" 25 years ago (Britannia, Crashing Suns, and Enchanted Labyrinth were the others). I should say it is chess-like but bears absolutely no resemblance to chess in its mechanics. I sent a copy off to my nephew, who is an excellent playtester, and I'll getit to the playtest listserv in a while.

Britannia II is where I need to spend time, but haven't been getting there.