Friday, November 26, 2004

I'm stricken once again....

by "the disease". That being the disease of designing games. I read about a new game called 7 Ages a couple days ago, then yesterday started to read the Vinci rules (first sentence and a half), and it hit me. It's a cross between Mesopotamia (that being a cross between Germania and Britannia) and, more or less, Risk, Vinci and History of the World. I want historical groups, following their historical characteristics (Nomads don't like forests, e.g.), but not forced to follow the historical course the way Brit encourages them to. And I want it to be fairly simple, and not take TOO long.

At this point I have a board (modified from the small version of Dark Ages, with eastern areas added), a combat system (also borrowed from DA), point systems... I still have some sequencing to figure out, then I'll be ready to try to play.

Of course, it could be a year before it can be playtested outside the local group. We'll see.

I am calling it Europa (TM), for the time being. It covers Europe, North Africa, and Asia to the borders of India and (modern) China.

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