Monday, April 24, 2017

Recent Screencasts (24 Apr 17)

I rarely get around to posting individual links to my "Game Design" YouTube channel here, so I decided to list the most recent screencasts instead.

What do I wish I'd been told when I started designing games?
I was asked this question in an interview. It doesn't much apply to me, I started more than 50 years ago, but I describe the advice I'd give people starting out today.

Nuts & Bolts: The Drafting Mechanic
Drafting (almost always, card drafting) is a common technique in games involving more than one side. The mechanic gives players a greater feeling of control, but takes time.

Foolish saying: "You get what you pay for"
"Conventional wisdom" sometimes isn't at all wise. Especially in games, but really in all facets of life, the saying "you get what you pay for" is foolish.

Elementary Statistics (Averages!) in Game Design
Game designers (tabletop or video) should understand elementary math, statistics, probability. So many people don't understand that "average" can have different meanings, that I've described the differences here.

 Is game design about software? Heck no!
Many schools, colleges, universities, whether deliberately or accidentally, equate “game design” with “game development”. The first is about how the game is supposed to work; the second is about creating game software. Why deliberately confuse the two?

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