Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Recent Videos on my YouTube Channel ("Game Design")

Recent Videos on my YouTube channel (“Game Design”)

Jan 10
Excessively misleading game box covers:

 Jan 8
One of my most-viewed videos of the last year: …
Six reasons why wargames popularity has plummeted

 Jan 3
"A game I can bullshit my way through": 

 27 Dec 2018
It's Impossible to forecast the success of a game:

 20 Dec 2018
Ideal (for manufacturing) number of cards in a deck:

 13 Dec 2018
Confusions of Game Design: Obscure can be bad or good:

 6 Dec 2018
What do I think about players changing my games:

 29 Nov 2018
Scaling games for different number of players:

 22 Nov 2018
Why I don't write monsters and character classes to be published any more:

 15 Nov 2018
New game? Don't worry about "innovation":

 8 Nov 2018
War is not fun, not sport, so commercial games are not much like war.: 

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